Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Invite to Dinner

Invites to dinner are always nice...no cooking to be done by my wife..she gets to enjoy..and I get some wines I maybe don't know.

Our host prepared a delicious summery starter.
Goat's Cheese Nut Balls with a grape & apple salad and the main course was Salmon in Pastry in a Champagne-Estragon Sauce.

The opening white wine I knew...Bistro Tasting..and a cracker it is!... I love Condrieu..unfortunately..my pocket cannot afford daily doses..

Cuilleron Condrieu Les Chaillets 2005
Rhone, France

I remember 'finding' Cuilleron when I visted the area..back when I could buy his wine at the Vineyard door..those days are gone..Cuilleron is too well known nowadays.The wine was beautifully presented...it had been decanted.
This has a gorgeous nose...powerful..exotic fruit..full flavour, explosive and rich.
Points 18
Gaja Ca'Marcanda 2000
Tuscany, Italy

The red had also been decanted..
purple colour; black fruit and
caramel aromas;
quite mature, porty...sweet tannins..
quite elegant..no hard edges.
Points 17


Anonymous said...

You should try Gaja's Promise... 2004 was pretty nice... greetings from Germany... any Infos?


Steven Ramsey

Barry said...

Hi Steven....where are you in Germany?

Burgcrass.. I visited a few years ago..not sure nowadays...back then.. it was OK....decent food..but limited winelist if I remember...should no doubt be better stocked by now

Barry said...

Re-reading your post..maybe you work there....lol...
Gaja..will look out for...that's a 'promise'

Steven Ramsey said...

wow... found this post. Can't even remember me posting it.

Ya, I worked there back then as a Sommelier and we had a more than descent winelist (it actually got awarded).

Sadly it all changed now. I had a small/personal winelist of 180 european wines on the list in early 2009 before I left. Now they pretty much dropped it to a few local ones..... so can't really talk about "better stocked" anymore.

Times change.....