Friday, August 17, 2007

Sauerkraut or Choucroute?

Some say 'potaytoes' some say 'potartoes'...some say Sauerkraut...some say Choucroute.
A dish rarely eaten outside of Germany or France..and probably something most would not even be tempted to try. The German version is usually simple with less 'extras' Alsace as you pass the see a mass of the 'white cabbage'..covered by various meats.
Ours is our own creation....some pork..and some blood wurst..and my favourite...liver wurst. As you can see from the is not easy to make it look beautiful..
Best wines to drink with it..without doubt..Riesling.
Zind-Humbrecht are one of the top vineyards in Alsace
Zind-Humbrecht Riesling Herrenweg 2004
Alsace, France

Classic Alsatian Riesling with a lot of power;
Yellow-gold colour...sparkling in the sun; nose..nada...just a whiff..then..nada..youthful and brooding. Palate easier to please...bright and lively with sweet apricot and pineapple fruit keeping the acidity in rein.The wine shows signs of the influence of a Vendange Tardives in weight and it shows.
With Riesling it all depends what you want..I like mine with a little more age...petroleum smell( I hang around petrol stations).. this should age beautifully.
Points 17.5 +

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2GrandCru said...

At first I thought, "great, I finally find someone drinking a wine I own and it's a Riesling, too" :) but I actually have the Z-H Gueberschwihr 2004, which texturally sounds similar to the Herrenweg. The Z-H wines might cost more than similar wines from other Alsace producers, but all the ones I tried were top-notch, even the 2003's.