Friday, November 30, 2012

Nelles and St Martin

Sunday 11th November was St. Martins's Day...the Patron Saint of Geese is the clever answer.
On Monday the 12th our local Bistro were doing the traditional bit...and 4 of us were confronted by a large bird with red cabbage and dumplings.
I can't remember ever remembering a good version...but this feathered friend was very tender...and enjoyed by all.
I had been off the juice for 2 weeks...and had received a case of reds from Nelles just before the 'diet' started.
Two bottles were taken along to swill things down.

Nelles Ruber
Spätburgunder 2009
Ahr, Germany

Strawberry nose...vibrant young fruit with cherries to follow...almonds and some coffee
Points 16.5

The next step up on the Nelles range
Nelles B
Spätburgunder 2008
Ahr, Germany

Again the strawberry Pinot smell...more thickness on the palate...full and extended.
Points 17.25

A couple of days later...not able to resist anymore...the top of the range wine
Nelles B-52
Spätburgunder 2009
Ahr, Germany

Delicious fruit with vanilla notes. The wine spends 15 months in Barrique...great weight in the mouth and excellent length.
Top wine.
Points 17.75

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