Friday, August 19, 2011

Best Silvaner Ever Tasted!

Volker said a few months ago...I would like to try a top Silvaner! I phoned him and said I had a couple of wines that needed tasting...and he offered to cook dinner. Some delicious Pasta as a first course and then some tender Guinea Fowl. I always enjoy Volker's cooking...good quality products and so I had to work for my dinner.
Sauvingon Blanc I said....2006....Sabathi. may was good...but on seeing the label I noticed it wasn't the Sabithi (Erwin) that I tipped...but Sabathi (Hannes). Still...not bad...2 out of 3!

Hannes Sabathi
Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2006

South Styria
, Austria
Aromas of citrus fruit and gooseberries...with some toast. This spends 3 years in Barrique. Creamy texture with a spicy mineral feel...and a good finish. Lots to enjoy here.
Points 17.25

And so to the reason for the meeting of friends and serves blind so that Volker would not be influenced.

Zehnthof Luckert
Silvaner * * * 2009

Franconia, Germany

Volker said a touch of Riesling and maybe some Grüner Veltliner...and he is right. Put some Burgundy in the mix and you will describe this wine perfectly. Just a beautiful nose....a trace of cream...honey...compact...the flavour just melts in the mouth...that 'classy' Burgundy feel again...but...this is Silvaner! And what a Silvaner! There are spices to combat that cream...and a minerality to add to it's pluses. As perfect as it can get with the grape. None better has passed my lips. We both agreed...

Uwe Schiefer
Blaufränkisch 'Szapary' 2008

Südburgenland, Austria

I am still trying to fall in love with Austrian Blaufränkisch...and have decided they need more time than say...Lemberger in Germany.
They are chunky at times...needing food. This has a cherry nose...and a red berry flavour...salty, spicy with a good backbone of acidity.
Points 16.25

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