Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Austrian Journey Continues

Some more Austrian wines...this time from three different areas...it is a pleasant journey...
Bründlmayer Chardonnay 2007
Kamptal, Austria
Now this is how to make Chardonnay!
As long as I can remember Bründlmayer has been making great wines. I think the first Chardonnay I tried from Austria was over 20 years ago...and his name was on the bottle.
This is bristling with minerals...not something you can say about all Chardonnay wines...but it still offers that delicious layer of soft vanilla. The man uses his oak correctly!There is not a trace of flabbiness...just a yellow apple fruit....and some pearls of acidity...and as you may have guessed...I like this and will buy more.
Points 17.25

Muhr von der Niepoort
Spitzerberg 2008
Carnuntum, Austria
This wine is 100% Blaufraenkisch. Half of the wine is made by fermenting whole bunches with the stems, and then pressing off at just the right time to get the extraction right. The other half is made with an extended maceration on the skins of three months.
You'd think Pinot Noir is you had tasted blind. The colour is medium deep with a watering rim. Semi-sweet nose of ripe cherries....very enticing...this creeps up on you and developed well...the palate then shows some raspberry confit...all in all...a very impressive wine. I used a new 'pump' which claims it preserves whatever is left in the bottle to help keep it overnight...it seemed to work...the wine had softened even more.
Points 17.5

Krutzler Blaufränkisch Reserve 2008
Südburgenland, Austria
After the Spitzerberg I was quite hopeful of getting a repeat here. This was cherry chunky...firm tannins...liquorice traces...and needing air. We sat outside in a nearby restaurant...one of our guests had Hungarian roots....and I explained that the grape is called Lemberger in German....and Kékfrankos in Hungary. I can be very informative at times!
Points 16


Tom said...


I was a big fan of Bruendlmayer when I lived in Austria, so your review brings back lots of memories.

I have not managed to get into the Austrian reds quite as much as the whites, but I keep trying and do find some good ones.

Kekfrankos is indeed the Hungarian for Blaufraenkisch as it means the same thing "Blue Frankish".

Cheers, Tom

Barry said...

Hi Tom....
I have to admit...it is a bit of a minefield with the reds...until I find the style that appeals to me.
Minefield is perhaps too strong...
They are, if nothing else, an interesting bunch and of very good quality.
But I am like you....and I love the whites!