Tuesday, April 19, 2011

M is for Markus

Markus Schneider
Spätburgunder M 2005
Pfalz, Germany
Fine nose...smokey toasty cherry...which gets you thinking you are on to a winner here. The palate, however, offers you a, heavier than expected, slightly bitter feel. It reminded me of the hot 2003 vintage...and the 14% alcohol maybe doesn't help. Markus Schneider never gives you easy wines...and that is to be commended...so I left it overnight. Twenty-four hours later it had softened...losing something of it's aroma...but better balanced...and good acidity that tells you a year or two more. Answer...if I had another bottle...a good decant 6 hours in advance. For the price at the time € 15,-- it is certainly good value.
Points 16.25

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Alex said...

Had exactly the same yesterday and can only agree. No sign of age. Lovely Pinot.