Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Veltliner

Huber Grüner Veltliner Reserve Berg 2009
Traisenthal, Austria
It was Valentine's Day...and thank goodness. My wife has a big smile when she gets flowers...AND...I have a new background for the wine of the day.
I know most folk know about the wines coming out of Austria. I am not sure what selection of Grüner Veltliner's people get abroad...here in Germany there are plenty but I bought a mixed case of 12 from a company in Austria...and can't wait to wade through them. Nearly all from 2009...they are going to be young...but even now...will show enjoyment. Not something you can always say about young whites.

This spends 5 months in oak...green-yellow colour...apples are first up on fruit...more pear on the palate...extreme white pepper with a nice touch of saltiness. The pear and honey flavour evolve in the glass...giving a juicy feel with lots of minerals. Can be enjoyed now...but obviously one to keep a few years as there is still hidden fruit in there.
Points 16.75


barricas said...

If you knew me better (which is probably fortunate for you that you don't), you would know that I've given up on the varietal concept.

Roger said...

When you say 5 months in oak is that new oak, old oak or a fraction of each ? How does this compare to a Wachauer wine ?

Barry said...

Hello Roger...Acacia new oak....
and it compares very well to the King of Veltliner...Wachau