Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pinot, Porsche & Priorities

A delicious meal of Veal Cotelets off the Bone, Salbei Pasta (Sage)
Oyster Mushrooms and Mini Tomatoes.
Down into the cellar...something really good needed. Ah...the Diel is still unopened. Didn't I hear it was not as good as a few years ago...oh risk, no pain.
What a load of Codswallop (another Google for ya). This is super!

Diel Spätburgunder Cuvée Caroline 2007
Nahe, Germany
This is exquisitely delightful. Is that enough? No? goes than...
Let's start with the fact that this property's top red has always pleased me with it's style. Caroline is Herr Diel's daughter...and she is known to jump in the barrel and tread grapes. Who says German girls are crazy? Strangely...Gault Millau and Eichelmann were not 'overwhelmed'. 90 & 88 points respectively.
Super nose of spice, leather, raspberries and redcurrants??? Ripe fruit...very Burgundian and quite open...although that is down to the vintage maybe. Such a crowd pleasing year...and this small crowd of one(ME) also enjoyed the flavour...elegant...with again the raspberries...there is a finely balanced mix of savoury acidity and gentle tannins....all-in-all a real delight. But I said that at the start. Not cheap...this is top end of German Pinot Noir...but a couple of bottles in the cellar will give even more delight in 2-3 years.
Points 17.75
Talking about prices one pays for wine. It is all down to priorities for the individual. Let's say I pay € 25 for a bottle...if I mention that to some folks they look at me wide-eyed.
But compare that to the general beer drinker who sits in a bar and drinks maybe 6 beers and smokes 2 packets of cigarettes a day. He passes that total with ease...but no one would blink an eye.
I bought a Porsche Cayenne a year had 70.000 km on the clock and was 4 years old. Only my third car in 35 years! Cheaper than a new Opel this case...the manufacturers name alone means people look at you wide-eyed again. Mind you...I always say that it is THEIR problem...I definitely have NO problem with MY priorities in life.

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The Wine Rambler said...

Couldn't agree more - not so much on this particular wine as I have so far only tried the 2002 vintage (and loved it), but on the concept of priorities. Similarly, some people will want to declare you insane if you are willing to spend 200 on a meal including wine, even though it gives you hours of pleasure and memories for years, whereas they think it is perfectly reasonably to spend as much for a bungee jump that just lasts seconds. So enjoy your Porsche and your Caroline!