Saturday, December 12, 2009

Schlipf Sliding Again

I 'discovered' this property a year ago...and was very impressed with the 2005 /2006 wines I it was great to see the new sortiment being given high praise by Gault Millau. I told a few friends I would be ordering some 2007's and they took my advice and added to my list..and a LARGE package arrived recently.....I await their thanks(hopefully)...
Claus Schneider Weiler Schlipf
Spätburgunder trocken 2007

Baden, Germany

This is the basic 'schlipf' costs € 8,-- and is just perfect if you want to slurp but also require some class in your glass....this would please everyone at at Barbecue...

Points 15

The next one in line
Claus Schneider Weiler Schlipf
Spätburgunder trocken CS 2007

n, Germany
It costs € 10,-- and is very good...not because of the price..but the quality...
Serve this at a barbecue and your wine loving friend will whisper to you that you shouldn't be serving expensive wines to the beer drinkers....this tastes twice the price it is. Earthy cherries leap from the glass...the palate shows a soft, quite concentrated, layer of the cherry fruit. The acidity lifts the fruit...some oak..some spice...this holds your attention....
Points 16.5

Claus Schneider Weiler Schlipf
Spätburgunder trocken *** CS 2007

Baden, Germany
The 2006 had impressed....this is very much the '2007 Style' ...soft and easy on the surprised me how forward it was....will try it again soon....the evening meal was interrupted...
Points 16.75

PS...The last photo..the new Decanter magazine complain about Christmas being celebrated in November..this January edition arrived through my letterbox on the 4th December!!!!

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