Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Spontinuety brings rewards.....4.30 pm...a call from friend Volker...he was alone and was going to our local eatery....did I fancy joining him...the thought of two good bottles, some fine food and friendly banter made me say yes..so he brought the white...and I drew the red out of my cellar.
Dilectum 2007
Rueda, Spain
This is 100% Verdejo...a barrique wine ..8 months in total...the nose is a touch grassy and some smoke...vanilla is noticeable...has a 'slabby' feel...but with nice acidity..some minerals..and a well-balanced easy-to-drink example...
Points 16.5

Friedrich Becker
Kammerberg Spätburgunder G.G. 2006

Pfalz, Germany
'Jump in and drown aroma'..truffles...spices...adorable..trace of cherries.....just so much cream and charm...no tannins...can it age?...will it get the chance?....I doubt it...a touch finer than the Sankt Paul...some would say that € 45,-- for a German red wine is too high..they should wash their mouth out with soap and water...the same quality in France would cost twice as much. Bravo Herr Becker!
Points 18


Alexis said...

I'd really love to try those Becker wines one day (only had the entry level ones yet). Really comparing to Burgundian Grand Crus'?

Melbourne Hotels said...

In the 2005 vintage, the best Riesling wines and the Pinot Noirs once
again are all rated at around the 90 point level, or above. No sooner had Becker taken to producing and bottling a Riesling “Grosses Gewächs” (Grand Cru) for the first time, than he made sure it would be one of the best Riesling wines in the Pfalz region. It comes as absolutely no surprise that the red wines of the 2004 vintage are once again among the very best in Germany.