Monday, November 09, 2009

Breasts and Wine

After the previous post and the comparisons to the female community...please do not read anything into the photo of the meal that accompanies Huber's wine. Duck Breasts!
Huber Bombacher Sommerhalde
Spätburgunder R 2005

Baden, Germany

The 'third' wine in the Huber hierachy..after Wildenstein & Hecklinger Schlossberg. It has the same basic needs time..but maybe I was expectin
g this to be more open than the two mentioned...both tried recently from the 2005 vintage. Slightly leathery nose..and some plums...the palate shows cherry flavours..and a touch of strawberry..the oak shows...and the tannins are to the forth...time methinks...but if I was gonna drink any of the three 2005 would be the be overtaken by the Wildenstein in 12 months. Both more expensive than the Sommerhalde though...
Points 17.25

Ideal meal with a red..the aforementioned Breast...and I don't claim the photo to be magazine quality..It shows what it was...I ain't gonna spray my plate with anything to add perfection to a photo.

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Alexis said...

Had some Huber wines yesterday, they're pretty good pinots!Now I understand your enthusiasm! Cheers