Monday, May 28, 2007

Trusting A Wine Waiter

A night out with the family(6 of us in all) at an Austrian run restaurant in Wiesbaden..Landhaus Diedert. I'd checked the winelist on the webpage and knew roughly what I would order.We we 3 'drinkers' so one white & two reds were planned. While the others checked the menu I checked the wine-list. BANG..the 2002 Risesling Spätlese from Künstler was sold were 2 of the possible reds I may have chosen. Wine waiter came over.. and I he asked what type of white I wanted. Now, I never rely on restaurant staff because most recommendations are usually poor...but he seemed to know his wines..and recommended the white below. I had found other reds..but as he had come up good with the white..I gave him a free three are his fault(smile)..but he did pretty good.

Banfalu Sepp Moser Burgenland 2005

This wine comprised of 3 grapes..Chardonnay, Weissburgunder & Muskatel Otterel.
Complex aromas, perfect mix, none of the grapes really dominating, exotic fruits springs to mind, trace of marzipan; fine weight, a glass you want to return to, and a good finish...a really interesting wine...
Must try to find it..but it seems pretty rare..

Points 16

August Kessler Spätburgunder trocken 2003 'PinotNoir'
Rheingau, Germany
This is the first bottle I've seen with the now new ruling that Spätburgunder can also be labeled with Pinot Noir. For red Germany, 2003 was wonderful, altho can produce some 'heavies'. Kesseler's style is light, so the balance betwen style and vintage turns out well,
Medium colour, watering rim; nose of red & black cherries; light-weight in the mouth, plenty of juicy fruit, a lovely 'summer' wine, could possibly be even drank cooler, Perfect for pasta and barbecues.Really enjoyed it.
Points 16.5

Tiefenbrunner Lagrein Castel Turmhof 2004

Lagrein is the grape..not knowingly ever tasted by myself;
very deep colour; spicy & peppery, big, full style, gobs of fruit, no real tannins..nicely balanced...

Points 16

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