Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pleasing The Readers

It was recently mentioned by friends that I marked most of my wines between 17 & 18.Well..we have been here before..and other bloggers have maybe had similar comments made to them.
I buy a wine that I think I will like...and if I do..then it will be worth the above points..stands to reason.

SOMETIMES( not too often thankfully).. I just make a boo-boo and buy a wine which does not reach my (fairly high) standards. Important with any points system..read the notes.

Huber Malterdinger Bienenberg
Spätburgunder trocken 2003
Baden, Germany

I purchased 2 bottles from a wine shop in Baden..just a year ago. I tried one bottle back then..and decided to give it another 'chance'. Everything speaks FOR it...Berhard Huber is one of the top growers in Baden and 2003 was an excellent vintage..well...I have never had a really bad bottle yet. So how was it second time around?

Reserved sweet aroma(as in children's sweets)..artificial ..not really attractive...just adequate...palate shows a mediem-bodied wine...dry tannins at times..then it appeared softer..then back came the dryness..synthetic sweetness...none of the components seem to harmonise. Not a BAD wine..I just struggled to find a reason to try this again. Can't see ageing helping either..
Points 14.5

Everyone happy now????...(smile)


Mark V Marino said...

Ah you have me thinking of the German wines I had many back in the 1980's and then fell out of the source I had back then and moved on. But the whites are so different and the dessert wine and the ice wine so wonderful sorry you had a less than expected experience. Nice review, too bad to make your readers happy, I agree the point is to learn to pick the better wines by experience and knowledge this is of course the goal!

Joe said...

Hi Barry - I am with you - my brother in law thinks I have scoring system between 17 and 18. I do a lot of work to make sure I don't buy crap, but it happens...have the wineries send me stuff for free and you will see the scores plummet...