Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ziereisen Rhini 2002...Wow!!!

Ziereisen Blauer Spätburgunder Selection Rhini 2002
Baden, Germany

A couple of years ago I 'found' Ziereisen's wines..the Rhini 2002 had been awarded 1st prize in Decanter magazine...I bought a few cases..and enjoyed the first 2 cases in their youth...
At the start of 2006 it became a little more difficult to drink..was it past it's best already?..a little disapointed I decided to keep 2 bottles..who day it may come round..

Well..dear we are...quail breasts....and Pinot was pulled the bottle in and out of the cellar...
I finally opened it...and wow..glad I did...
To be honest.. with other wines from Ziereisen.. I find them
to 'live'..if that is how I can describe them..they have good
times and less good..rather like humans I guess...and my
patience had paid off here..and Herr Ziereisen's know-how as well of course..
Medium colour, light, browning rim; nose exhudes ripe smokey Pinot; goegeous sweet flavour. perfectly balanced, the fruit just filled the mouth..had to keep going back...

Points 18
PS..I purchased 36 half bottles of the Rhini 2004..which
I have been divulging over a period..have about 10 left now...
I will leave these alone for a few months methinks... (if I can)..

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