Saturday, June 30, 2007

Swiss Made 3

Ticino Merlot 2003
Vinattieri Ligornetto, Switzerland

Scarlett, medium deep; animal, sweetish nose..very attractive; first impression on tasting...soft, sweet fruit, well integrated mild tannins; aged in oak..a very pleasant drink..nothing at all wrong with it..BUT EUROS 32!!! ($43)
Points 16


Anonymous said...

I've perhaps have had only a dozen Swiss wines over the last ten years (you rarely see them here in No. Cal.). But there's always that one consistent thing about them: They're overpriced.

I'm starting to wonder if there are any fair priced, much less, "good value" ones.

Barry said...

My sentiments exactly John....I guess that most of them reamin in Switzerland..with the Swiss prepared to pay..surely they compare them to foreign wines and can make up their own minds.
In a previous posting the Gantenbein 2004 was superb..and at the recent Pinot Cup..another Swiss wine came there are some good wines...just not cheap.