Monday, May 28, 2007

Two Wines under 7 Euros

Am I, after 30 years of drinking wine, incapable of enjoying wines under 7 Euros?.
A recent wine from Dao, Portugal, costing 6.80 Euros..gained a first place from a jury of the Wine Gourmet magazine..which did not impress me....left me thinking it may be the case..but no, dear ain't true.....

Carchello 2005
Bodegas Agapito Rico
Monastrell, Spanien

Inky ruby colour;. grapey on the nose, dark fruit scents. Juicy, plenty of character and no rough edges. Excellent value EUROS 6.50

Points 15

Kirsten Blanc De Noir 2004
Mosel, Germany
I first tasted this wine at a restaurant in the Mosel..I wanted a glass of white, and had enough of Riesling,..and this was instant pleaser.I drove next day to the Vineyard and purchased a case..with friends and hot had disapeared after 2 I re-ordered 3 cases...which kept us happy throught the summer months of 2005. The final bottle was opened recently....soft, enticing wine..not meant to be taken TOO seriously..but always a joy to drink..goes with anything..and as my favourite champagnes are usually from Pinot makes sense that I would enjoy this. The Vineyard did not produce any in 2005 as Herr Kirsten was not happy with the quality...let's hope 2006 is back to normal. Euros 5.80

Points 15

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