Saturday, May 19, 2007

Pinot Noir - Spätburgunder..the same difference!

Two fine examples of the grape(s)..

Gravitas Pinot Noir 2004
New Zealand

The perfect climate for Pinot Noir could and should be New Zealand...but the consistancy is not there's a goodie tho...
Quite dark for the grape; Barnyard nose, cherries; opened up in the glass, subtle oak, classic Pinot, medium full weight and perfectly balanced. Room for improvement as well...

Points 17.5

R & C Schneider Spätburgunder
'R' Barrique Trocken 2003
Baden, Germany

This is a perfect vintage for this vineyard..fine, medium colour, no aging; elegant aroma, not too forthcoming at first....but opened with a few swirls..flavour more instant, attractive, tasty mouthful of velvety fruit, developed beautifully after 30 minutes, perfect balance.Delicious wine

Points 17.5 +

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