Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Blind Tasting Of Mature Wines

Five wines...decanted 2 hours before tasting.
We were informed....2 different vintages..1989 & 1994..
Four wines came from Europe..other New World

Domaine Peyre Rose 1994
Excellent colour, 'legs'; mouldy stuffy nose
dry, chunky style...port like..short dry finish..flat.
I guessed Rhone..Syrah
Points. 15

2. Orion Old Vines 1994 Sean Thackrey
This seemed similar in style to the above..
Medium deep colour; eucalyptus, trace of vanilla
creaminess on the nose...but did not develope

brittle tannins.....
I guessed Syrah again...
Note...I recommended this wine to the host..
and it was superb about 10 years ago..
Points. 16

3. Torre Albeniz Reserva 1994 Ribera del Duero Spain
Again..a good colour; juicy mouthful...but drying fruit..
I thought this may have been the New World wine
Points. 16

4. Fixin Les Clos Vincent et Denis Barthaut Burgundy
Pale colour, brown rim(French Pinot I said without tasting):
slightly burnt aroma, caramel, creamy...on it's last legs but perfectly drinkable.. and nice to see a lighter style holding up.
I guessed South Burgundy 1989
Points. 16

5. Ducru Beaucaillou 1989 St. Julien Bordeaux
Unfortunately..this was corked.. and really impossible to taste or comment on.. pity..because this would have been
the winner

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Sounds like a nice evening with varied wines