Saturday, March 31, 2007

Baden Continued

First wine purchased in a wine shop in Kenzingen where the wine is made
Shelter Winery Pinot Noir 2004
Hans-Bert Espe & Silke Wolf
Kenzingen Baden

This wine is actually stored in Canadian bunkers left behind by the military.
Medium colour with brown rim, fully mature; light syle of Pinot Noir, comparable say.. to a Santenay in Burgundy...easy drinking, typical of the vintage
(The 2003 is fuller of course)..
Notable: rest of the bottle had held up well the next day
Points 16.5

Duijn Pinot Noir 'Jannin' 2004(half bottle)
A present from the cellar of Herr Hodapp in 'Rebstock' restaurant.
As I had said I had read the wine was not up to normal standard. He agreed but said it was still good.
Medium deep colour; good balance with ripe fruit..
Points 16.5

Purchased at home after having tasted the 'red' version on our recent trip

Karl H Johner Chardonnay 2004 SJ
Kaiserstuhl Baden

Yellow gold colour; layed back
exotic fruit aromas;
oh no...full-flavoured Chardonnay..and although a really fine wine of it's type..not something I enjoy's an age thing I awaits more finesse as one gets older..the 'Wham Bamm Thank You Mam' style is passé for me
Points 16


Anonymous said...

Very much enjoyed your website. Would be interested in your thoughts on Swiss wines, amazing how little info their is on these on the web.

Anonymous said...

What about Swiss wines? Interested in your reviews on these.

Barry said...

Hi Stuart,
I will be tasting the Gantenbein Pinot Noir 2005 in 2 weeks time....(the 2004 is on the blog)
As to Swiss wines generally...they always seemed too expensive for what was on offer..
However, times have changed and I have a few bottles which I will be trying over the next few weeks...