Saturday, December 02, 2006

Menu For Four

No..this will not turn into a food blog & don't go thinking I eat like this every day!
I eat well because my wife is a great cook. The reason for the menu was a visit from my wife's oldest friend and her partner.

Selbstgemachte Feigensauce
Gänsestopfleber Kalt
Gänsestopfleber Warm

Homemade Fig Sauce
Foie gras d'oie (Cold Goose Liver)
Foie gras d'oie (Warm Goose Liver)

Shrimps und
Jakobsmuscheln mit
Cocos-Chili-Zitronengras-Ingwer Sauce
Grüner Spargel-Mango Salat

Shrimps and Coquille St. Jacques(Mussels)
in Coconut-Chili-Lemon Grass-Ginger Sauce
Green Asparagus-Mango Salad

Frische Pasta mit brauner Butter und

frisch gehobelten weißen Trüffeln

Freshly Made Pasta with
Brown Butter and
Freshly Grated White Truffel

Wachtelbrüstchen in Cognacsauce mit
Kräuterseitlingen und
Kartoffeln 'Dauphinoise'

Breast of Quail in Cognac Sauce
with 'Pleurotus eryngii' Mushrooms in Herbs
and Potato 'Dauphinoise'

Schaumeier in Vanille-Creme mit

frischem Kirschenkompott

Oeuf a la Nage(classic dessert from France)
with Cherry compote

And the the gentleman visitor was a grower from the Pfalz..we drank
Knipser Steinbuckel
Riesling Spätlese
Trocken 2003


Knipser Cuvée X Trocken
Barriqueausbau 2003

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