Friday, November 17, 2006

Old Labels #2

Xmas Day Evening ..December 25th home..wines all from my cellar.. I forget who was there..but it certainly wasn't any beer drinkers.
The 4 wines were
1. Meursault Michelot-Garnier 1973 Points 18
2. Le Corton Domaines Du Chateau De Beaune 1959 Points 19
3. Leoville Barton 1945 St Julian Bordeaux Points 19.5
4. Solera Schultz Malaga 1885 Points 18
Here is the Corton label and the tasting notes.

Le Corton Domaines Du Chateau De Beaune 1959
Very fine colour, 1959 was a GREAT vintage; elegant nose, one you could work on..every time you went to it it had developed other characters; medium weight, not the blockbuster type that many think Burgundy are..superb flavour, class, exquisite balance and a long long finish, classic..and the Bordeaux was better?
Points 19

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