Sunday, August 09, 2015

Home of Riesling

Alsace is where I drank my first Riesling wines...all those long years ago.
Trimbach, Zind-Humbrecht etc...bring back great memories.
Somehow, for me, Alsace was the home of Riesling

On my recent holiday in Rottach-Egern I had drank the 2008 version...and the restaurant kindly sold me a bottle to take away ( thinking it was the same vintage). On arriving home I saw the follow-on vintage...2009
Michel Fonne Riesling Mambourg Grand Cru 2009
Alsace, France
The vines are from a 35 years old vineyard. The soil is sandstone.
Just how I like them...temps you to go and have another glass.Dry, delicately grapey, and has an elegant bouquet with mineral and floral notes.
Points 17

Boxler Riesling Sommerberg JV 2009
Alsace, France

The JV stands for Jeunes Vignes...but no worries...this is delicious.
Citrus aroma...instantly appealing to pie.
Medium bodied, fresh and rich all in one. Another you look forward to sipping again. I have a couple of the properties flagship wines...and this is a very good 'starter'.
Points 17.25

Across the border into Baden...somewhere I seldom go to for Riesling.

Sven Nieger Riesling Mauerberg 2012
Baden, Germany

Salty...really...the minerals are dosed with it. Closed at first but developed body with airing. Still too young to maybe show all it's muscle. Apricots and apples...and the palate shows honey and soft spicy notes.
If you are tempted to try this...give is a good airing.
I purchased 3 bottles so the other 2 will rest awhile down south in the cellar.
Points 17.25

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