Saturday, August 17, 2013

Good Food At The Downtown Railway Station

A Friday evening...and a family meeting...9 of us off to the local Bistro. There was a table of ten men in the was like a Railway Station Hall...and ordering was amusing as owner Layla tried to hear the selections. You only get my choices as photos...mediterranean seafood...then a Kangaroo Steak in Mustard didn't jump about as I ate it. It was surprisingly good.

I knew our guests love the G.V.'s I present them a recently delivery was an obvious choice. It was another hot evening...and to be honest...instead of 2 whites and 2 reds...4 of the former would have been better.

Setzer Grüner Veltliner 8000 2011

Weinviertel, Austria
Mango nose...creamy texture...citrus finish. As we were 6 only got one the notes are sparse. I have another bottle...but will give it a year.
Points 16.5

Schloss Gobelsberg
Grüner Veltliner Tradition 2010

Kamptal, Austria
First G.V. that made me sit up was from this property.
This is pretty good already...Baby Banana...stones fruits...pears..zippy minerals..very enticing already
For those who ask prices...€ 22,-- and worth every penny...or Euro in this case.
Points 17.5

And so to the reds...

Pio Cesare Barbera D'Alba 2010
Piemonte, Italy

Oh yeh!...a touch warm after the whites...quickly cool it down. All tied up even after 3 hours airing...chewy medium tannins...needed to be drunk 'alone'.
Another bottle will be treated better...I promised it.
Points 16

Claus Presinger Paradigma 2009
Burgenland, Austria

Cuvée 40% Blaufränkisch, 40% Merlot und 20% Zweigelt.
I am still trying to befriend the grape...the better stuff seems to need PLENTY of time. At four years old...this would still need a BIG decant...and maybe an overnight in a hostel to show it's better half.
Black Berry Fruit...reserved...but in there...tannins are rounded but tight...there is a dose of acidity...potential is there...but hard work on a rowdy evening in the Bronsk!
Points 16.5

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