Thursday, May 09, 2013

Givry Double

Not often I go back to France...but the name Joblot and a slight rave from a merchant had me taking a couple of bottles to try.

Joblot Givry 1er Cru 'En Veau' Blanc 2011
Burgundy, France

Citrus...old vine smell...flintstone fruit...salty minerals...trying to be very give it time.
Points 16.75

Joblot Givry 1er Cru 'Clos de la Servoisine' Rouge 2011
Burgundy, France

Sour cherries...closed at first...gave it plenty of airing and a next day try. The merchant claims it reaches Chambolle-Musigny in quality...and that it can be tried now before it closes. to the first...and pretty much no to the second part. Spicy raspberries...but it was hard work. As I only bought the one bottle...I will maybe never know.
Points 16

I have never found 'great' red wines in this part of Burgundy...I always find them straining to make it...and would rather take a step up and be sure.

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