Friday, March 29, 2013

Missing Meursault

Why don't I drink more Meursault? I used to in the 70's and 80' was my favourite white. It has never been cheap and wasn't back then. Coche-Dury was a big favourite and seemed to be around and easily available. Restaurants had Meursault on their lists. Maybe I don't visit those restaurants in France anymore...and maybe most Wine Merchants don't buy them nowadays. It is a mystery.

Bernard Boisson-Vadot
Meursault Les Grands Charrons 2010
Burgundy, France

Bernard Boisson looks like a French Vigneron. There is no way you would place him anywhere else in the vinious world.
Opened this a few hours in advance as it is really too young to open these wines. BUT...the memories of days gone by forced me to try this.
Classic hard to describe but easy to remember. It is the Burgundy terroir and all the compoments that make top wines in France. Ripe pears...nutty....yes...that is what gets me...nuts...with a thrilling tight stony minerality (as I said...too young...), complex palate...the tongue searches amongst the necessary acidity for honey, toasty hazelnuts, peaches and pears...elegance is there of course...and without wanting to insult anybody...this is a wine for wine lovers with some experience. Youngsters would push the glass to one side...looking for an instant hit. This hits you from all sides...or rather slaps you gently...would be a better description. Undermarking it now...I can see this pleasing tremendously in 3-4 years.
Points 17.5


Alex said...

Love that tasting note! Expresses a lot of what wine about: "hard to describe but easy to remember". I had a Boisson vadot more thana year ago:


Barry said...

Hi Alex...
was that a single bottle you tasted or can we expect another tasting to see how it developed?