Sunday, February 03, 2013


A selection of wines from the last few weeks...
Some others I did not make notes on...alone in the business at the moment...and planning a trip to all a bit hectic.
I leave on the 6th will be blogging again two weeks later.

First up...those of a certain age will remember a song by Van Morrison
who 'spelled 'out his love for a lady. Maybe he was clairvoyant...but my Gloria is a different lady.  I am very careful when it comes to Chardonnay...having 'licked' my lips with too many oak-ridden examples many years ago. The Austrians are coming up with the right mix...and Kollwentz is top of my list at the moment.

Kollwentz Chardonnay Gloria 2010
Neusiedlersee-Hügelland, Austria

Tropical fruits...Grapefruit...delicate acidity...and this just bounces over the palate with rippling minerals. Great stuff....

Points 17.5

Kollwentz Chardonnay Taschler 2010
Neusiedlersee-Hügelland, Austria

Whereas the Gloria is a lively young lass...her big sister is more into classic than a dance at the local disco. Leave me alone for a while she says...the vanilla is a touch sweeter...and thicker...some brioche...and a little tight.
Points 17

Off to a local eatery on my and write and enjoy good food and a bottle from my cellar.
Pfleger Curator Pinot Noir R **** 2009

Pfalz, Germany
Elegant but complex aromas...earthy style...salty minerals...the wine is made from small berry clones that one fins in Burgundy. Jakob Pfleger's style shows where his first love lies. Softened in the glass...and there was a touch of liquorice on the tip of the tongue.
Points 17

As I sat and ate my first course...a couple arrived at the next table...ordered their meal...and were gone before I had finished my main course of deer cutlets (sorry Bambi lovers). As I complimented the lady owner on the meat...she told me that she had just received a call from those guests...telling her they thought I was a restaurant tester and she should take care. We had to laugh.
The story continues...I left the Bistro...tapped the owner on the shoulder...she was conversing with guests...and said goodbye. It was only when I arrived home that I realized I had forgotten to pay. I called her immediately...and when she answered I opened with 'Here is The Restaurant I still have to pay?' 

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