Thursday, June 07, 2012

Vinious Tour Of Austria

We have had some fine evenings late an excuse to open some whites from Austria. Across the board selection of the white varieties that light up the Austrian wine scene.
Welcome to the vinious tour.

Skoff Sauvignon Blanc
Original Obegg 2009

South Styria, Austria

Tropical fruit...blood oranges...lifting acidity...grapefruit lingers...fresher style than most...more New World.
Points 17

Velich Darsch 2009
Neusiedlersee, Austria

I remember the days whe I would drink a Meursault once a week...wonderful wines. Maybe I should try to find the same again...although the price has probably trebled. The comparison is not due to the price I paid for this wine...just that the overall impression took me to Burgundy and my one faavourite white styles. Heinz Velich produces three whites...a basic Chardonnay, his top white Tiglat and the Darscho. Whereas the Tiglat shows more power...this is a wine to sip and savour on a warm summer evening. Flinty with tropical fruits...a little Lychee in there....then a touch of honey. All wrapped up in a mineral bundle. A white wine for thinkers...
Points 17.25

Lackner Tinnacher Welles
Sauvignon Blanc 2009

South Styria, Austria

Deep exotic mango fruit...sweet & ripe...gooseberry confit...with a peach kick...but you needed to leave it a day to get the best...creamy texture...this is still a raw diamond...patience...and you will be rewarded.
Points 17.5

Jamek Grüner Veltliner
Smaragd Ried Achleiten 2009

Wachau, Austria

Smoky, spicy fruit...tobacco...honeyed melon and just when you think it is a touch too an injection...the minerals take over...lovely acidity to this...perfect balance..a classic Smaragd

Tement, Morillon Zieregg
Große STK Lage 2009
South Styria, Austria

Fiery...tight mineral notes...hidden sweet caramel & vanilla. Not yet ready to go...
Points 17.25

Kollwentz Sauvignon Blanc
Steinmühle Methusalemreben 2009
Neusiedlersee, Austria

Spicy...powerful....Pineapple & Maracuja fruits...delicate layer of vanilla rippling minerals...the spices intensified...very good length...nice.
Points 17.5

Heinrich Gabarinza  2008
Neusiedlersee, Austria

Cuvee of the usual mix...Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch and Merlot. Medium deep colour...a trace of nougat on the nose...dark berry fruit...I am still trying to fall in love with some Austrian reds...this just needs time...
Points 16.5

Coincidence is a wonderful thing.. Friday afternoon...I called wine merchant Robert as I heard he was presenting some Austrian wines later that evening.
Come along he said...we have one place available. Eleven wines in all. Four whites of the lighter style to start with...then four reds with the typical Austrian grapes. Triebaumer's Blaufränkisch Reserve 2009 showing the best.

The final three were some more serious whites. Two from the property Birgit Eichingen in Kamptal...a 2011 Grüner Veltliner Wechelsberg 2011 showing some sweetness...easy to drink...and mid-priced.
The Riesling Heiligenstein 2011 showed very well...complex aroma...loads of spicy minerals...exhilerating...and amazingly forward. This will develop a petroleum nose...stick a few bottles away for a year.

To be honest...the final wine was the reason I told Robert I would come along to the tasting. Last year I drank the 2008 version...very impressive.

Tement Sauvignon Blanc
Zieregg 2007
South Styria, Austria
This showed a really stinky nose at first...and cried out for a large
hour of airing...and leaving overnight. Not something that was going to happen at a tasting. I held some in my glass...and gave it enough swirls to give anyone a headache.
Stone and tropical fruit (grapefruit, apricot, passion fruit, pineapple) and some buttery oak. It probably fell flat with most tasters following the sprightly Riesling...but still worth...
Points 17.25

Just to repeat...some wines have instant success at tastings...but would you want to drink a whole bottle. Other wines only give you a little of what they have to offer. So difficult for wine newcomers to always make the right choice.


Anonymous said...

Dear Barry,

For someone like me, who is going to spend a couple of years in southern Germany and therefore decides to get some firsthand experience with German wine, I must say that your little blog has given me a lot of inspiration. I really enjoy reading notes. If only I could figure out how to search your taste notes.

You write that you are still trying to fall in love with the Austrian reds. If I may suggest the Blaufränkisch wines from Moric. The few I have tasted were very good and by far the best reds I have had from Austria (but then again that is not saying a whole lot).

Sincerely, Mads

Barry said...

Hi Mads...
'search' left of blog...

Yes.. I know the Moric..see here: