Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pinot Perfection

The idea was born out a few weeks ago. Robert & I were at our local Bistro...and he said he had 2 bottles of vintage 2009...not from Germany or France...and that I should choose 2 bottles of German Pinot...and we would taste them blind at friend Volker's house.
Sunday evening arrived...I had deposited my pair the day before with the orders to Volker's wife open at midday and decant at 4.13 pm ( we wine-lovers are very precise).
On arrival there was the usual Riesling on offer...a first from the new vintage 2011...Van Volxem Wiltinger Braunfels from the Saar.
It went perfectly with the first course of Oysters from the oven. Here and now...what was on offer food-wise...was an absolute delight. Chef Volker was on top form indeed.
A very tasty pea soup with various ingredients warmed us nicely for the much awaited (Robert and I were visibly excited) 4 sexy wines.
Steffi had mixed up the we had no idea which was ours. We went through all 4 wines returning to them to see the development.

Wine 1
Fritz Wassmer
Spätburgunder XXL 2009
Baden, Germany
First wine was poured showing a lightish...mature colour. Perfect Pinot...we don't want any deep dark brooders. Gorgeous marzipan aroma...smokey.. a trace of liquorice on the aftertaste the second time around.
Perfect Pinot...I knew it was the Wassmer...but held back saying we were to try to guess at the end.
Points 18.25

Wine 2

Gantenbein Pinot Noir 2009

Fläsch, Switzerland
Animal forest fruit...a soft tannic feel...lively acidity...potential...fine now but needs a year or two
Points 17.75

Wine 3

Paul Schumacher
Walporzheimer Kräuterberg Spätburgunder 2009
Ahr, Germany
Clear colour...shiny...a little earthy...some vanilla....vibrant acidity...and again soft tannins. Needs a year two as well.
Points 17.5
Wine 4

Antica Terra Pinot Noir Botanica 2009
Willamette Valley, U.S.A.

Darker colour. graceful rich fruit...but this was New not mine. Raspberries...good texture...complex...different style to the other 3 but no less interesting. In fact...if the Wassmer had stayed home...this would have been the star.
Points 18
We had all given points....and only Robert marked under 17 for any of them....the Schumacher suffering.
Wines 1 & 4 were both marked with 18 & over.

I was asked which were my two wines...I said Wine 1...but I was not sure about 2 & 3
Robert was certain Wine 1 was his...thinking it was the Gantenbein. We both knew Wine 4 was his...New World style.

Man...was I pleased...not only to have offered the 'winner'...but it cost (no longer available) € 30,-- whereas the Gantenbein and Antica can set you back € 80,--
The Schumacher also costs € 30,--
I could have offered the top Huber or Fürst...but if a € 30,-- comes out on top of a very fine selection of wines...then I rest my case!

The Guinea Fowl main course was sensational...and the selection of cheeses meant I overdid it...but who cares...a great evening.

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