Friday, November 25, 2011

German Victory

Five of us in all at Volker's place...with his usual delicious food.
Robert offered us a 3 Glas Gamberro Rosso Prosecco...not for me...spend my money elsewhere.
Two Rieslings tasted blind...the first we thought was definitely a 2010 with extreme acidity.
The second...much more like it...had to be 2009.
The first turned out to be
Karl Schäfer Forster Pechstein
Riesling GG 2009

Pfalz, Germany
Had to be a 2010...but no...a 2009 and not a style that appeals to a non lover of stomach burning acidity.
Points 14.5

The second was from a top Nahe property..
Dönnhoff Niederhäuser Hermannshöhle
Riesling GG 2010

Nahe, Germany
I presumed this to be the 2009...this is very good...and showed very well in it's youth with a perfect balance. A couple more years and you have gem.
Points 16.5

The five Pinot bottles had been decanted by Steffi...I had to choose the order...and am now obviously the king of blind tasting arranging. The way the wines turned out in quality was the order I chose them. You just can't plan any better! The first two did not please...

Albert Bichot Domaine Adelie
Champs Martin Premier Cru 2005

Mercury, Burgundy, France

No character...dry disorder

Points 13.5

Domaine Joblot Clos Marole
Premier Cru 2006
Burgundy, France

A shade better that the above...but nothing to write home about
Points 14

OK..these are not from the medium to top level in Burgundy....but the prices should ensure you get something worth the effort.

Cortijo Los Aguilares
Pinot Noir 2009

Ronda, Sierras de Malaga, Spain

Some cassis here...and I guessed it was maybe from an unknown area...but I never knew they were planting the sexy grape down on the south coast of Spain.

Points 15.5

Studach Malanser
Pinot Noir 2009

Graubünden, Switzerland

Finally a smell of the grape I love....fine balance...soft raspberry fruit...the oak just noticeable...give it a year or two...delightful.
Points 17

Adeneuer Walporzheimer Gärkammer
Spätburgunger GG 2009
Ahr, Germany

Who planned this to be served last? was me...and it blew everything away. A full Pinot nose...cassis and cherry...with gentle biting tannins and a wonderful 'feel' on the palate. Length and style. This is what it is all about!
Points 17.75

We were then shown a list of the five wines and asked to correctly call them. I was on a role...but it was not difficult.
The Ahr wine was the most expensive...with the two French wines costing maybe € 20,-- less. Money well spent if you choose the Adeneuer....and for the prices of the French wines I will list a 100 German reds that would knock them sideways.


Alex said...

Go team Germany! :P Well, in my young wine drinkers life I as well had to realize that Burgundy is probably the most difficult region for a reliable wine choice.
In Frankfurt, Böhme Weinhandel has proven to have a few good picks also at reasonable prices. This is were I got these wines for example ...

Nero d avola said...

hey Barry it was nice post. you have great test sense i must say.. as i love specially "Studach Malanser Pinot Noir 2009 Graubünden, Switzerland" I also love the Italian wine may you knew is "Pozzi Sicilia Rosso IGT wine - Nero d'Avola". I highly recommended..