Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baden Miles Apart

I am trying to taste / try every German property producing (good) Spätburgunder...and if I made a list of Baden...there would be very few that have not passed my lips over the last few years. On my recent trip...Rebstock owner Karl Hodapp had mentioned nearby Renchen. The wine was on his list. I drove past the property...did not visit...but a couple of days later at a local I hate to leave any place without a bottle( smile)... I purchased a Bimmerle wine..the basic Spätburgunder 2009. My 'goodbye' present from Karl, however, was the wine tasted here.
Siegbert Bimmerle
Spätburgunder trocken Holzfass 2009

Baden, Germany
My guess is that quite a few properties will take a step forward with the very rewarding 2009 vintage. This was a gold medal a warning
anywhere...says you are only as good as the competition. However...the competition in Baden is any prize winner is worth taking notice of. A delicate aroma...and with soft, sweet fruit. You say sweet fruit to some drinkers and they cringe...thinking...I want it dry...but that is what it is...but you can't stop a ripe vintage showing it's best side. This filled out with some airing...spicy..a good bite...and certainly easy to drink.
Points 16

The next wine would fool you tasted blind....not your typical Badener. But checking the label...and you see Tauberfranken. belongs to Baden but is a whole lot nearer to Würzburg than Freiburg.
And it shows in style...

Weingut Schlör
Spätburgunder Barrique 2008
Baden, Germany

Not a property I would then get to visit when in this is so way off the beaten track...I just am not going to be ever near the place. Quite by accident...
when ordering another wine from a merchant...up popped this one and the top of range version. As a basic wine always shows the craft and knowledge of any property this got my attention at once. More chirpy cherry than strawberry fool...smoke on the nose...and I love the gentle tannins that accompany the medium weighted fruit...and the way it never lost my interest.
Points 16.5

I need to make a list to see what properties I have not tried yet....and there are a few in the cellar which I will try over the next few weeks.
What a lovely obsession!

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