Saturday, March 19, 2011

Grumpy Old Pensioner - Geil Isn't Geil!

On March 20th 1946 I arrived. 65 years later I become an OAP. But 65 is nothing but a number. My day job continues (that pays)...I am still playing soccer on Sunday morning (never been paid)...and look forward to my twice-monthly Radio Show (also never been paid). To say I don't feel my age would be maybe over-doing it...the aches and pains that appear are dealt with and you get on with it. Am I becoming a 'Grumpy Old Man'?
Heaven forbid...I hope not.
When my dad was criticising my teenage lifestyle and music...I swore I would not repeat it myself. But you do! Music today is full of untalented people using the media. Back in MY days (see...I can't refrain) people PLAYED instruments and could sing live. So...I'm not really being Grumpy...more disappointed. What gets on my nerves at the moment? Films where, mostly actresses, hold their wine glass with their sticky fingers round the bowl. Hold it by the ****** stem...didn't they teach you anything in school? However... the most irritating thing at the moment is the misuse of a German word. Every generation has their 'in' words and no doubt in your country there is one that is repeated and repeated til you can't hear it anymore. The word in question here in Germany starts with 'G' and ends with 'eil'.(Pronounced like Dial) It's PROPER meaning is either the Growth Form of Plants OR Sexual Lust. BASTA. I can take the last one and accept it's use in privacy. What has happened though is that the youth has taken it over as an adjective for just about every situation. German is a wonderful language full of words that can and should be used. NADA. What grates me is when people wanting to be 'IN'...many mature in their years, are using the word in every second sentence. It is lazy and dumb. Now...if you are thinking I am going over the top...just picture this...a glass of wine in front of someone...tasting notes: colour geil , smell geil, taste geil...ooohhhh...and a long geil finish. I rest my case!!! Maybe I am becoming a Grumpy Old Man! So...what did I do on this memorable day? In the morning I played soccer down by the river...scored a goal and we was warm so sat in the garden and smoked a Havana cigar... took the usual phone calls...and then went to the studio for my radio show. Did a 2 Hour Special with some favourites (all with real instruments and superb voices...they would probably never make it in the present 'TALENT' Shows...oops...being Grumpy again) then back home and opened this 'Sparkler' from Baden.
Kopp Pinot Brut 2008
Baden, Germany

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Edward said...


And I thought I was getting grumpy :)

I think one of the pleasures of maturity is wisdom and being able to tell all and sundry.

Best wishes.