Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Swinging Sixties

The sixties were great if you were young and single. I was...and when the day job was over I was out in the to a girl. Yes...I was what they called a ladies man. While others were still down the pub or in the local Indian guessed it...I was concentrating on other things. This was before I ever discovered wine. Back then...the only vinious liquid to pass my lips was a Liebfrauenmilch...a 'German' white which never sold out as the source was endless. Heaven knows what was in it...but the marketing guys had done their job. The alternative, if I remember, was called Golden October. Thank heaven for girls...much more pleasurable. Mind you...looking back...if I lived today as I did back then...I would be dead...either from some strange disease or a shotgun. I lived life to the full...which has stood me in good stead as my marriage is now in its 36th year. To misquote a popular saying...'Seen it, done it, ***** it, ******* it and bought the T-Shirt. The main aim of this young man in the swinging sixties was to try to conquer all he could. Bristol was a vibrant city...with a great area for students & nurses. I had a few flats (apartments) over a period of 8 years that were to be the destination of any girl that fell for the chat. The choice of trousers may have helped... may ask what this has to do with the blog....

1. Read the title....'memories'...which is a
weak excuse I know.....

2. German whites were only ev
er we have Grauburgunder, Weissburgunder, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. After the initial teething problems...most properties have learned and now there is a large range to be had.

Weingut Freiherr von Gleichenstein
rauer Burgunder Spätlese trocken 2008
Baden, Germany

Purchased at the property for € 12,50... this has surprisingly plenty of minerals up front. The wine is a little 'fat'...and next day still a bit 'plump'. I find most mid-range ex
amples need time...I have only ever 'loved' one...and that was a Grosses Gewächs. So...I guess my wife is the GG and all the girls I left behind...well...I only 'liked' them.
Points 16.25

I love beetroot...and finely sliced ...this time with some fresh shrimps on top...complimented both wines.

Ewald Kopp Chardonnay trocken 'S' 2009
Baden, Germany

Again...purchased at the property...and I had pointed to the list where both 2008 & 2009 were shown. I was sidetracked by the owner and didn't check which one the assistant had packed. Again...minerals sprang from the glass...but this Chardon
nay was slimmer...stones and streams...a sparkling freshness but no way not to be taken seriously. A trace of sweetness...but from the grape...not the barrel. Does anyone still drink those New World examples that flooded the markets all thoses years ago? A retry next day...and it had developed an enticing exotic smell and the palate threw up lychees and it reminded me of a small scale Condrieu.
At € 13,50 this is a must-buy-again bottle

Points 16.75


Edward said...


Excellent and extraordinarily amusing! I hope you've kept the wig :)

Barry said...

That 'mane' took ages to get right....
It is still with me...albeit a little lighter in colour and shorter in length.
No additions have been made to any other parts either...still all my own!