Saturday, August 21, 2010

Burgundy & Burgundy Style

Whenever I have the urge to try a few bottles...I call my friends and we meet. Drinking wine alone is a pleasure....on my many evening spent in a good restaurant alone...watching guests...enoying the food...and conversing with the sommelier....always a pleasure.
Wines shared with friends is essential though...especially if they are wine orientated.
Volker & Robert are in this group.
First up...a white...the bottle covered in kitchen foil....which hardly disguised it's 'size'....but as I was hiding it in the help in advance was given to them.
Au Bon Climat Nuits-Blanches au Bouge Chardonnay 2002
California, U.S.A.
This was beautifully rounded and at 8 years old...a dead-ringer for a white Burgundy...a faint smoky nose...creamy and nutty....which on the palate was still being paired with the acidity that is holding this together. Some anis...a real treat. As Volker said...have we ever had a bad wine from Jim Clendenen?
Points 17.5

Averys Beaune 1er Cru
Grande Reserve 1972
Burgundy, France
Averys?.....OK....the company were very big in the 60's and 70's...especially with Burgundy.
I remember well the many visits in the early 80's...a treasure trove of goodies.They would purchase direct from France and bottle themselves...and I have had some really excellent examples.
This bottle was purchased from another wine-merchant on my recent trip to England. Worth a 'punt' was the expression he used. The 1972 Vintage was an 'acidity' Vintage. You needed patience in Burgundy...and the wine had to have the fruit to hold out until the searing stuff had softened. Well...this had not broken up yet...and amazingly it was not a stinker after 38 years....but not one we wanted to further intake-of! Was possible still enjoyable about 15 years ago.

La Pousse d'Or Santenay 1er Cru
Les Gravières 1990

Burgundy, France
Knowing that the Avery may not be up to standard...I had this on stand-by. Another bought in England...but this from an established property. Burgundy has changed....I used to know all the properties and those I could trust or not. Families grow...sons & daughters improved what their parents had done...or vice-versa. However...some properties have remained constant. La Pousse d'Or is one of them. The Vintage 1990 was a success...and it shows in the fact that this was still very pleasant. Good colour...caramel rim...earthy edge to it....and the fruit is dry...but certainly an interesting way a was probably very good 10 years ago...but now...
Points 16.25

Seeger Blauer Spätburgunder Heidelberger Herrenberg 'RR' 2006
Baden, Germany
This was a present last Xmas from a business acquaintance. She knows what I want!
This would have cost over € 50,-- Seeger's top wines are expensive. Was it worth it?
The only tip I gave to Volker & Robert was Boris Becker!(He was born in Leimen).
Sweetish fruit a fine Pinot nose...smoky...forest berries....and it developed some tasty marzipan...almonds as well. Tannin abounds ...but the 'crumbly' type. Still a touch if you get it as a present as well...there is no hurry to drink it. Everybody was impressed by it.
Points 17.75

Seitlinge...Oyster Mushrooms...
were not on offer...but amused us with the packing.

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