Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Riesling & A Pinot

Summer is finally here..on a permanent basis. People are already complaining about the heat..I ask them were they the ones complaining about the long cold winter! That usually shuts them up. Sitting outside with friend Volker...we opened a couple of really nice bottles.
Bassermann Jordan Auf Der Mauer 2007
Pfalz, Germany
This was voted Riesling of the Year for the 2007 Vintage by a German Wine Magazine. I purchased 3 bottles...the first opened soon afterwards..and drank over 2 days. The 2nd day showed it's class.
This time it was opened and aired for a few hours....citrus and lemon...intense minerality...pineapple..a real bowl of fruit here....very nicely layered palate....and a Riesling for me...with reserved acidity. There is cream and delicacy...and on a hot summer's evening...perfect with the Gnocchis.
Point 16.75 I opened this I was reading the new edition of the magazine...Weinwelt...they have just voted the 2009 guessed it...Riesling of the Year.

Oh I on a roll. Talking about Ebay. Here is another goodie.
Josef Pöckl Pinot Noir 1997
Burgenland, Austria
Served slightly cool from the slowly warmed as the evening cooled. Why would anyone want to get rid of a delicious aged wine like this?
The first thing that hits you is the refeshing lively juicy aroma. You know you have a bargain at € 23,--! Any thick backward tendecies are all gone. A slighty earthy feel...reminded me of an aged St. Emilion. The roast beef thanked me for this...and as the sun went down..I thanked Ebay.
Points 17

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