Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Schmitts Kinder Domina & Spätburgunder

Wines that win prizes are usually sold out by the time you find out that they won!!
Every December in Germany there is a Pinot Noir Cup...with top European wines entering the competition.
I decided to find out the winner before it appears in Wine Gourmet in February.
First places went to a Swiss company(sold out) and
Weingut Schmitts Kinder Spätburgunder 'S' Trocken 2004
in Franconia.
I called the Vineyard and spoke to Karl Martin Schmitt and asked if I could buy the wine..'How many'? he asked. 'Twelve bottles please' I replied. His reply was 'I can let you have three'.....
BUT..and here we come to this posting...he has a '2nd' wine..Spätburgunder mixed with a German cloned grape(Portugieser & Spätburgunder) called Domina..Vintage 2005..I ordered 3 bottles to try.
Schmitts Kinder Domina & Spätburgunder Trocken, Franken, Germany 2005
Red brick colour, pale rim; lovely aroma of ripe Pinot and a slight 'masculine' touch which is the Domina; soft flavoured, lovely sweetness of the Pinot, creamy..a real treat.
Points 17

PS..I have ordered some more

Can't wait to try the Spätburgunder 'S'

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