Monday, August 26, 2013

Rhubarb & Cream

Two wines from THE area in Austria for Sauvignon Blanc..South Styria.

Sattlerhof Kranachberg STK
Sauvignon Blanc 2010
South Styria, Austria

Can't remember ever having a wine that smelled so much like Rhubarb.
Generally...not a favourite fruit of mine. Thankfully...the aroma receded and took on blood oranges and some exotic fruits. Very fine mineral streak throughout...and the second day it was heading for the creamy department...very juicy...and with a lovely citrus acidity.

Points 17.5
Tried this with a Thai Curry...and it rose to the occasion...

Neumeister Moarfeitl STK
Sauvignon Blanc
South Styria, Austria

Ripe Gooseberries...yellow Paprika...complex...creamy texture...needed 24 hours to open. Great middle palate...reminded me a a fine white Burgundy. A touch of vegetables, quite full...a style of it's own.

Points 17.5

Both very good...completely different styles...and intriguing how they developed with airing

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