Monday, August 19, 2013

Overnight Success

Some things taste even better the next day.
Wine, for instance.
Food, for instance.
Food? Is he crazy...too much sun!!!???.
My wife does a great Hackfleisch Reis...for once sounding better in German than Mince Meat with Rice. Red Paprikas are peeled and the sauce prepared.

First day...good...
Second day...very good...
The Mince and Rice have decided they love each other...don't ask me is like that. Then the Paprika sauce...and then a decent Pinot.

Nelles B 48 Spätburgunder 2009
Ahr, Germany

First day...the open style of a few months ago is no longer there...this is closing up for the winter. Not yet in full in went the cork and it was left overnight. Most definitely a good choice as the fruit was rounder and softer next day...but there is a power...briary tannins...forest fruits...wilder than previous bottle...another night on the tiles?...I will never know until I try the next bottle.
Points 17.5

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