Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wine, Merle & Sardines

As work takes over again...the days fly by...and wines are tried...and quickly noted. Here a few from the past 10 days...
Weingut Karl Johner
Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

Baden, Germany

I recently read a tasting note...or should it have been notes...of this wine over 22 days!!! The only wines that remain in any bottle for 22 days are Port or Madeira. Another point much was he drinking each day?
Did it need airing...I opened and the initial impression is of soft Merlot...the name on the label is more dominant than the Cabernet that fits nicely with the smell. Certainly it has a St. Emilion style...and if you drink this soon after is soft enough. With airing it broadens it's shoulders...leather and some pepper...but still with some gentle rough tannins...very fine balance..and you will ask why buy a Baden wine when you could purchase an original Bordeaux. Be adventurous and at € 28,-- would you find many of the French version that could compete at the price.
Points 16.75

Weingut Klumpp Spätburgunder trocken
Alte Reben Barrique *** 'SK' 2007

Baden, Germany

I like my new find's wines...Herr Klumpp has a style you instantly know...and this was the only wine still available from the property of the 2007 Vintage.
It is their 'top' wine...but the 2008's tasted recently have all been tops with me. These are old vines used in this SK...and it has a trace of age on the nose....soft burnt smoke. Cherry smell and a touch of chocolate...and while very drinkable now...has a good backbone. Spices layer the palate...and fine acidity lift it. I left some for a day...but I do like these wines fresh from the bottle...I guess it is down to the experience of your palate...
Points 16.75
Roast chicken and potatoes done in the oven...a perfect match.

Salwey Glottertäler Spätburgunder
trocken Barrique 2007

Baden, Germany
This is Salwey's basic red...trace of vanilla and red berry fruit...very 2007 with pure ripe fruit...maybe a touch fat at the moment...time may give it an 'aerobic fix'

Points 16

A meeting of the family for a Birthday...and I took along a Magnum. The history of the bottle...The 'part' owner was Gianluca Picca...sommelier at top German Restautant Lafer. He no longer works there...and our first meeting was after he had just arrived. He spoke only English..and had just arrived from Newcastle in England. We got on instantly...and his recommendation for the evening's drinking was excellent. The restaurant is situated in the Nahe wine area...and Diel is a top property. No doubt as his German improved...and he got to know the property...they created this wine..a Cuvée. It did not exactly knock us out on the evening in our Bistro...was dry, smokey and had a lively fresh fruit. Back to the Bistro...a friend on a nearby table gave me a sip of a wine they had in the restaurant. Two days later...and we had a 'lodger' overnight. My godchild...Merle. Her parents were away overnight...and for the first time...she is now eight...was 'offered' to us to look after her for 24 hours. She arrived mid-afternoon on the friday...and we decided to return to our Bistro so that she could eat Schnitzel and the finely sliced fried chips...a food most children can identify with. This evening I took no wine along...but decided to try a bottle of the wine I had tasted 2 nights earlier.

Botalcura La Porfia Malbec 2004 Maipo Valley, Chile
Too be honest...and I
am...this is a one-glass wine for me...and if we had been 4 wine would have been ideal. The initial full fruit.... and aromas of cherry and plums were satisfying...but then it became 'boring'.
Points 15.5

One funny moment of the evening though...I had ordered 'Fried Sardines' as a starter....they arrived...Merle was waiting for her Schnitzel...and I asked if she wanted to try them. She did...and replied that 'somehow' they tasted good. Of the 20 I had...I think I only ate 8...and the very last one was on the plate...waiting for someone to eat it...that someone was not me. So funny...but I love it when children 'try' before deciding what they like or do not. The next day we spent a few hours in the town center enjoying a special children's day festival. All too short was the time...and when her parents collected wife and I both was a wonderful 24 hours!

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Dr. Christian G.E. Schiller said...

I recently visited Weingut Klumpp. Here is my report. Have you checked out Weingut Hummel, also in the Kraichgau?