Saturday, September 11, 2010

Buying For A Friend

I was asked by friend Volker to bring a selection of bottles back from my recent trip. He left the choice to me...and has 9 bottles in his cellar now.
I decided to try a couple (of my own) to see if we will remain 'friends'!
First one...was our first Kaiserstuhl. I was heading for Oberrotweil...but stumbled on Johner's property was planned...just later in the day.
The estate is located in the town of Bischoffingen. It was founded in 1985 by Karl-Heinz Johner and his wife Irene. The aim was to produce Burgundian-style wines. Karl-Heinz is now assisted by his son Patrick, who studied in Geisenheim, in Burgundy (Hubert Lignier, Comte Lafon) and Australia (Tim Knappstein) to gain practical experience. The vineyards cover 17 hectares in seven municipal areas. The red wines spend at least 15 months in barriques. Johner has also been active in New Zealand since 2001.

The first Johner wine that stayed in the memory was a half bottle of SJ 2003. The SJ is his top of the range wine....and it was excellent. A recent 2002 was over the hill...but I was able to purchase some 2005 on the trip...but you can't drink that as a house wine every could...but only if you win the lottery. But...I am diversing...we want to try one of 'Volker's wines...
Weingut Karl Johner
Spätburgunder trocken 2007

Baden, Germany
Screw cap...instant opening...instant pleasure...just a delicious aromatic smell of sweet cherry fruit...a touch of 'aged' smokiness...and some extra herbaceous aromas...along with the well-used oak. There is a lively acidity that drags the fruit around the palate. As with most mid-ranged Spätburgunder wines...the 2007 Vintage makes them so drinkable now. I left some in the bottle for the next day...and on the second day it still showed all it's qualities.
Points 17.25

I love 'basic' food...if you can call it the Pork Cutlet...'Bratkartoffeln'...and Mushrooms gently done in no more than butter.
The next evening's drinking was to finish of the Johner...but what I had not noticed...was that I had drunk more than I had thought...thus leaving me very little...

On the spur of the moment...and with my own advice being ignored...regarding Klumpp's wines and decanting...I quickly opened the bottle of his Pinot Noir 2008.

Klummp Pinot Noir
Weiherberg trocken Barrique 2008

Baden, Germany
As I mentioned in a previous post...this is very close to the Württemberg area...and this style of Pinot reminds me of something I would get from the top estates there...Aldinger or Schnaitmann.
The vineyard is in the Bruchsal area...and you get a more dryer version compared to the south. I like it. Black pepper...spices...dry hay...bacon...smoke...and blackberries. Elegant structure. Again....I left some in the bottle...and next evening the mid-palate had filled out...some vanilla traces...perfect balance...
Points 17

I can safely say Volker will enjoy the two wines...

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Anonymous said...

Hallo Barry,ich habe den Klumpp-Pinot gestern mit Steffi getrunken.Spannend war, wie sich der Wein veränderte.Zuerst eine schöne weiche und warme Note, dann eher verschlossen und kühl,nach einer Stunde wieder viel zugänglicher.Interessanter Wein.
Gruss Volker