Monday, April 06, 2009

Hard Chard

What finer sight on a warm spring evening..the new flowers streching their necks.. a yellow bottle of yellow liquid..and the
evening sun going down..fill the glass..admire it..smell it..taste it...perfect...
Ziereisen Hard Chardonnay trocken 2006

Baden, Germany

Yellow gold..which you can see...light fluffy oak..restrained.....thank goodness...dry as opposed to lip-smacking...notes of honey and vanilla...minerals.....onto the palate..a definite trace of lemon..which gives you an idea of the style..tropical but citrusy...ripe fruit..quite full
without ever feeling that way..and a fine finish asking you to try again...untypical compared to many of the Chardonnays planted in Baden. This is the future...
Points 16.75

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