Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baudry Chinon

Bernard Baudry Chinon
Le Clos Guillot 2007

Loire, France
100% Cabernet-Franc...Clean, vibrant red-brick colour...attractive, slightly sweet first whiff after the cork left the bottle...initial impression..juicy...real natural fruit...delicate changes of smell..most complex part of the wine.....some cassis...dark fruits...minerals...the palate is easy..tannins already soft and approachable... a touch of cream from the oak...very well made..quite lean..and a nice drink...but missing that certain something to make me sit up. Held up well next day..without any noticeable change... I guess it's down to styles and this wine is well liked. Fairly priced at € 14,--
Points 16


Joe said...

So young, and so NOT spatburgunder. Do you think this could benefit from some time in the cave? I have some Baudrys sleeping in my cellar and I'm wondering how long I should leave them.

Barry said...

Yes was my thought as I drank it...will benefit from a year or two....I have the 'Granges' 2007 to try..maybe an easier drink today..and a 2006 Croix Boissee..which is supposed to be excellent..I will try to keep an open 'Spätburgundian' mind

Barry said...

As an I said..down to styles and tastes..and I know you are a Cabernet Franc fan from the Loire...what vintages are in the cellar?

Joe said...

I can't say I'm a raving fan - I like Loire reds, but they certainly do not make it onto my site frequently. I have a couple of Joguet and Baudry '04s, that's it. I'm not sure how long I should let them sit there - I guess there is only one way to find out! :)

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