Friday, February 29, 2008

New Zealand Pinot Noir

During the virus I ORDERED some wine..and it's arrival corresponds with me feeling expect some tasting notes soon. I have had an odd bottle or two of New Zealand Pinot Noirs...and have been impressed.The climate is ideal..with the area Central Otago on the south island being particularly good. Not too many wines available in Germany..but I found a mixed case with the following:
1. Main Divide - Canterbury Pinot Noir 2006 15,90 EUROS
2. Lindis River - Pinot Noir 2004 19,90 EUROS

3. Te Kairanga - Runholder Pinot Noir 2004 19,90 EUROS

4. Isabel Estate - Reserve Pinot Noir 2004 27,50 EUROS

5. Felton Road - Pinot Noir 2002 29,00 EUROS
6. Sunshine Bay - Pinot Noir 2004 12,90 EUROS


Edward said...


Looks interesting. Good to hear that ordering wine maintains its power to cure viral infections!

I'm fond of the Isabel. One of the first NZ pinots that really appealed to me. They are a good medium cellaring proposition and seem to gain complexity with say 5 years.

I've tried various Te Kairanga wines, but not the Runholder. I have had mixed success with Felton Rd. Critically acclaimed, I sometimes find they the remind me too much of aftershave and seem very loaded and extracted.

Look forward to the notes.

Incidentally - whats happened to the prices ;)

Barry said...

Hi Ed,
Two weeks without wine..longest time since..well..a LONG time...Prices now added..all you Dollar users(U.S.A., Canada and Australia)will have to work it out for yourself..I need my energy to lift the first glass