Saturday, February 02, 2008

Leftover Loves

How I have to suffer....leftovers....
same as the night before (Veal Schnitzel)..which was fine by me..
but my wife decided I would get a
starter this time round.
The other leftover was the Meyer-Näkel Spätburgunder from the previous evening (bottle well corked and in the cellar) so I decided to drink a white with the starter. Courgettes,Fennel, Red and Yellow Paprikas with an Octopus Salad.
Looks good, tastes good..and by does ya good!

Blanc de Roc d'Anglade 2005
Remy Pedrano,
Anglade, France
A vineyard near to Nimes...Chenin Blanc (grape grown mainly in the Loire) & Grenache Blanc..
spends it's youth in used oak barrels;

medium yellow; mineral aromas..developed with airing..filled out; quite full-bodied. soft acidity with the gentle fruit of the Chenin Blanc, soft texture with a freshness, lovely long finish..plenty of character..needs airing..decant if you have time.
Points 17

PS..The Spätburgunder fron Meyer-Näkel was still excellent 24 hours after opening..always a good sign.

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