Sunday, July 13, 2014

Chablis and Pinot Noir

Time passes quicker when you get older...not true...but you think it does.
I had not seen my good freind Volker for a while...not true...we occasionally bump into each other on market day.
Not seen...I mean...not sat at a table.
We met up at our Bistro...Mitch...and as the weather was warm and dry...sat outside (means I can plan a good cigar).

I would bring a bottle of red...and he would supply the white.

We ordered some sea food salad...and started on the white.

Covered up...I had to work for my pleasure.
I said Chardonnay...and got a nod.
I said Burgundy...and got a nod.
I started reminiscing about Meursault...but maybe I was getting too Volker unveiled the mystery.
A Chablis..and a damned good one as well.
Very good vintage...and a Premier Cru being more approachable than a Grand Cru.
Good Burgundy is so difficult to describe...but so easy to please.

William Fevre Chablis Fourchaume 1 cru 2011
Burgundy, France

Nose of citrus and a touch of smoke. Lovely minerality about this overdone oak.
Green apple fruit...loads of stones and cool stream about this. Very drinkable...and even blossomed when it warmed in the glass. Loved this....and will have to drink more Chablis again.
Points 17.5

Main courses...Volker opted for Octopus...I decided on lamb filet..with a mustard sauce.

I had been down in my cellar and had chosen 3 Pinot possibilities.
All 2007 vintage...Adeneuer Walporzheimer Gärkammer, Fürst Hunsrück R and Becker Sankt Paul.
I had called Volker earlier to ask what he fancied. He wanted to guess at the the long Ahr bottle was out.

Becker Sankt Paul Pinot Noir 2007
Pfalz, Germany
I have to admit...this is a wine to be enjoyed solo...I other wines alongside it. The is just SO soft. That is not a we found out as we enjoyed the juice.

Ripe fruit and an earthy sweetness. The palate gets high on the velvety texture. Volker was more than happy.
Points 17.75

We both enjoyed each other's choices.
I lit up my cigar...and the heaven's opened. A storm like nothing we had seen for a while.
Luckily we had enough cover...but the walk home left me looking like a drowned rat!
It was worth it though...

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