Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sweet Nahe and Molitor Red

I wanted to try the red with friend Volker...and his wife was out with a he said he would cook.
Always a pleasure to eat what he prepares...and I looked over his shoulder in the kitchen.
A Raviola filled with ' Brennessel' (Nettel)

Ravioli Before
Ravioli After
I had bought this white along with the red...on Ebay. One of the top growers in the Nahe area.
I would be dry.....never presume.
Emrich-Schönleber Monzinger Halenberg
Riesling Spätlese 2004
Nahe, Germany

Cork in fine condition...popped and pours...and a 'wow' smell...classic Riesling. We quickly took the next step...and had a sip...and were giving each other looks...not exactly dry...and you would guess at Auslese and not Spätlese.
Smell again and you find apricots...very nice...but we wanted more zip...and I was remimded of an apple juice...something you would sip on the balcony with friends on a warm summer evening. There is still a Restsüsse...and so we decided  to give it a chance with the cheese later. The marking is possibly not it's fault...maybe I should have known.
Points 16.5

Into the kitchen again...the ingredients...ready to be fried...and thin slices of beef were given covering.

The red was a surprise for Volker...he has seen that I had tried it on a holday...

Markus Molitor Spätburgunder 2007
Mosel, Germany
A gorgeous nose...ripe raspberries.The palate throws up gentle spices...toast and smoke...clear incisive fruit...firm but easy tannin present but woven into the whole...perfect balance...just a great mouthful...and lingering finish.
Points 17.75

The question arises...why is Molitor the only Mosel grower who produces top Spätburgunder. Is it just disinterest from the rest as they have enough to do with their Riesling. The climate changes may change their minds.

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