Friday, December 16, 2011

Worlds Apart...A Tale of Two Chardonnays

Worlds distance and in style.
A Tale Of Two Chardonnays
The first...a wine I 'discovered' about 6 months ago. Ordered it after reading high praise in a Decanter tasting...and willing to try the 'new' has taken that long for the wine to come from Australia via Belgium to Germany. Left to 'relax' after that needed to be tried to see how good it really is.
Bird In Hand Nest Egg Chardonnay 2008
Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Smokey oak...a real old fashioned Chardonnay
tty. The palate shows a creamy texture...very crème brûlée...with some refreshing minerality. Drinking over two days..the oak is fairly dominant on the lips...and needs a year or two to integrate. Potential...
Points 17.5

Very little white Austrian in the cellar...after a warm I needed to replenish. Lots of Grüner Veltliner...and this Chardonnay. As different again as two wines could be...
Johann Topf Strasser Chardonnay
Ried Hasel 2008

Kamptal, Austria

Minerals dominate here...the grape is masked at first but slowly developed. Exotic fruit...and compared to the Aussie...a reserved vanilla aroma. Green apple flavour...this begs you to leave this a year or two...but for different reasons again to the above...zippy acidity this time.
Points 17

My wife makes the best Hamburgers...
Impossible to eat with the hands though...

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