Friday, December 23, 2011

The Christmas Scrooge

Ah...Christmas...what used to be 2 days has become almost 2 months. All the stress...the buying of food in case of an the Third World War or a famine! Well...if one of those does happen...then my cellar is full as well...and we could live through the winter. Joking aside....or am I? wife still wants to buy me something...and what do you buy someone who is only happy when he gets a good bottle? buy wine of course. Influenced by our local merchant....these are the 5 which proudly stand in front of the tree (another stress with 200 lights and 150 balls). They will lie themselves down in my cellar after the Xmas evening celebrations are over and wait for the owner to pop the corks in the future. I guess Christmas ain't so bad after all....the liquids swung it for me. Merry Christmas from Scrooge...


Alex said...

Merry X-Mas Barry! Nice lineup. Looks like a Sine Qua Non label on the far right. Is it one?
By the Way, I have a bottle of Pinot for you. I guess I give it to you next time we meet! Have some fun days! Cheers

Barry said...

Back Atcha Alex....all the is a Sine Qua Non.

A I have room in my cellar?...I'll make room!

Edward said...

Merry Christmas, For some strange reason I'm getting the mental picture of Uncle Scrooge with his three nephews. . . All the best.

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