Friday, November 13, 2009

Restaurant Fully Booked

On a forum someone was asking for advice on German cuisine and wines. wife Eva...and the!
But don't tell him that..or I'll get requests for table reservations.
Here are two evening's enjoyments...

A starter of Feldsalat (in case you missed a previous post..Lamb's lettuce)...with a beetroot and shrimp topping...
followed by Steak au Poivre...with a milder creamier sauce to accommodate the wine.

Au Bon Climat Santa Maria Valley
Pinot Noir 'Knox Alexander' 2002
California, U.S.A.
I am a big fan of Jim Clenenden's wines...and purchase the new vintages as they are on offer. I leave a few in the cellar..but I seldom see an older vintage on offer.
Why was this still available..was it too old......would it have been cellared well...was the vintage the reason for it's availability (this all sounds like a Mickey Spillane thriller)
The short answer...the vintage maybe and the age...the nose seems flatter...lost it's berries..but quite earthy...drying....less Burgundian than most of this property...still a good drink....but needs selling....and I had helped buying this bottle.
Points 16.25

A juicy cutlet..alongside layered potato slices with chilis... from the oven...
Schlossgut Diel Cuvée
Caroline Spätburgunder 2006

Nahe, Germany
The 2005 was still was a top vintage on the Nahe. The 2006 is rated as a moderate how did Diel deal with it? Well...the nose was lively ..cherries and a touch of strawberry..and the acidity gives it a lip-smacking feel.....the oak showed more next day...and the tannins dominated...and the style is dryer...but back to the first impression. It does not have that voluptuous feel to it....methinks the style has changed a touch...maybe aiming for a longer living wine....2006 seems a little disjointed....look forward to the 2007.
Points 17

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