Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Patron Saint For Burgers?

When you talk about Hamburgers...you would normally think of the chains that offer the product....and occasionally my wife and I sneak in the back door to indulge...just don't quote me on this information! This post is more about my wife's version....which can't be eaten with the hands...well..it could be..but you would end up looking like a blood-splattered corpse...knife and fork needed..best beef...fresh ingredients...yummy...I ate 2 ..and they are LARGE.

Vincent Paris St. Joseph 2007

RhĂ´ne, France
The wine was full of dark red fruit, meaty...sour cherries...tannins are reserved... a perfect Burger wine....I have seen this rated at 90 Points and more...hang on..it is very nice..and maybe a little saintly...and reasonably priced...but worth only
Points 16

1 comment:

Edward said...

I'm assuming you scoffed the fries before taking the picture :)

Burgers with a slice of beetroot, are one of my guilty pleasures, though I have been pretty good this year.

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