Monday, November 09, 2009

Marry an Ahr Woman!

I recently read somewhere that Ahr reds do not mature...the Meyer-Näkel wines I have tried have been super..and my only 'aged' Kreuzberg was the 2004...but I guess the comments were meant for 10 year old wines. BUT...why age them when they are like this when young.

Kreuzberg Neuenahrer Schieferlay Spätburgunder G.G. 2007 Ahr, Germany
Look at this from a a man's view (you can change the sex depending how you are inclined). How many times in my youth did I see a nice face...but was not happy about the rest...and then she opened her mouth and had an accent that would cut glass! Rarely did that pretty face have a lovely figure and a soft enticing voice. When I finally found her..I married her!
Wines that look, smell, taste and finish without any waves are a real pleasure to hardly have to work on enjoy them. Like this Kreuzberg...
Can you taste slate?...seems can feel the flat stones throughout this wine...this is already just SO drinkable...
Pale cherry red colour...delicate wood berries....fruit driven...super balance..medium weight with gentle spice...briary tannins...30 second finish...worth a repeat buy I it will hold nicely for a couple of years.
Points 17.75

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